An employer guide to inclusive benefits for all families

For modern employers, supporting their employees both in and outside of work is essential to maintaining and recruiting a happy, productive, committed workforce. Working families have long been a vulnerable population, and their needs are only increasing.

Get “The changing face of family benefits: An employer guide to inclusive benefits for all families” to understand your options and set your benefits strategy on the right track.

In this comprehensive 50-page guide, you'll learn:

  • The full spectrum of the family building journey: Supporting employees begins with understanding their needs. Families don’t begin and end during the span of parental leave, and neither should the benefits that support them.
  • The business value of investing in families: Working families are a huge part of the working population with approximately 40% of professionals having a child at home.
  • Benefits design for everyone: Learn how you can design a flexible, adaptable benefits strategy that will support all families through their changing needs.

The case for family benefits is clear


of working parents experience burnout

Working parents are at particular risk of burnout. This can jeopardize their well-being, as well as performance, retention, and office morale


of healthcare spending covers 5% of the workforce

20% of healthcare spending goes to new mothers and kids. Yet new moms make up only about 5% of a workforce. Avoidable, high-cost interventions are often the cause.


of caregivers say productivity suffers

When a caregiver’s professional productivity is derailed, it can negatively impact coworkers, supervisors, and an office’s overall performance.

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