The teen years have arrived!

The teen years bring a whole new set of challenges to navigate. Recognizing families with older children need help more than ever, we’re excited to introduce our newest benefit, Cleo Teens.

In this 30 minute replay, Cleo leaders discuss the clinical insights and trends among working parents that compelled us to extend the Cleo model even further, and bring our comprehensive, inclusive platform to more families.

This webinar replay covers:

  • Academic achievement and future planning
  • Issues with bullying and self esteem
  • Nutrition and body image
  • Substance use and other difficult topics

The case for family benefits is clear


of working parents experience burnout

Working parents are at particular risk of burnout. This can jeopardize their well-being, as well as performance, retention, and office morale


of healthcare spending covers 5% of the workforce

20% of healthcare spending goes to new mothers and kids. Yet new moms make up only about 5% of a workforce. Avoidable, high-cost interventions are often the cause.


of caregivers say productivity suffers

When a caregiver’s professional productivity is derailed, it can negatively impact coworkers, supervisors, and an office’s overall performance.

Companies trust Cleo to care for their working families