Measuring the health and wellbeing of families across the life spectrum

Cleo’s Family Health IndexTM provides a detailed view of the state of working parents and caregivers within the current professional ecosystem. Its initial finding reveals that most parents and family caregivers are isolated in their care journey leading to a strain on their emotional and physical well-being that impacts their overall health and their engagement in the workforce.

This report also shows that parents and caregivers whose company supports them in their caregiving journey are more likely to score higher (i.e. better), further corroborating that as employees receive family support, their overall health and well-being are impacted positively.

Download the report to:

  • Explore the seven dimensions of family health
  • Gain insight into the intersections of work, family, and health
  • Inform your comprehensive benefits planning

The case for family benefits is clear


of working parents experience burnout

Working parents are at particular risk of burnout. This can jeopardize their well-being, as well as performance, retention, and office morale


of healthcare spending covers 5% of the workforce

20% of healthcare spending goes to new mothers and kids. Yet new moms make up only about 5% of a workforce. Avoidable, high-cost interventions are often the cause.


of caregivers say productivity suffers

When a caregiver’s professional productivity is derailed, it can negatively impact coworkers, supervisors, and an office’s overall performance.

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